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Pub Game
Join the Metaverse

New Metaverse Concept

New Game Category

Fun and Profitable

PubGame is the bridge that connects companies and people from Web2 to Web3, through PubVerse, a fully explorable open world, with numerous immersive and profitable experiences developed on the Polygon network.

We managed to provide all our users with the best benefits and advantages of the physical world along with the exponential profitability of the crypto market.

PubGame Coin

Pub Game Coin

Digital coin with real uses

The PGC token was developed not only to reward our users within Pubverse but also to be the first token with actual use in the physical and digital world, guaranteeing our entire community the flexibility to acquire different products or services from the traditional market and the web3 with a single action.

Alpha Download

Alpha Download

Download the alpha version of Pubverse, and enjoy a sample of how the connection between the virtual and real worlds will be.

Play to Claim

The True Experience

The PubVerse community will share immersive experiences in battles against other users, map explorations, events, and other unimaginable ways.

Through the connection of partner brands that interact with our users, promoting and commercializing their products and services through campaigns, creating collectibles such as NFTs (avatars, terrains, and personalized accessories) that will be used and acquired by the inhabitants of this metaverse, providing holders with, in addition to the unique features and skills that enable earnings in PGC, exclusive benefits in the physical world, made available by these partners in the daily lives of our communities around the world.

Bitcoin Giviaway Coin
Bitcoin Giviaway

One Bitcoin to Founders' Holders

Founders Collection
Founders Collection Star

Founders Collection

The Founders Collection is the first exclusive collection of 6,750 units, which aims to honor the first members of the community, providing multiple ways of profitability and lifetime benefits for its holders.

Inside Pub Game

It is the connection of people with people, which extends beyond the virtual world, within PubVerso you will be part of the most engaged community of both worlds, learning about the crypto market and making great friendships.

Real Fun

We will have several game modes and ways to have fun, play and earn Pubcoins within PubVerso, we start with BeerPong, which you can play with other Community members (PVP) or campaign mode (PVE) leveraging your results.

Real Fun

Use Pubcoins to grow your status on Pubverse or use the tokens to purchase different products or services from the traditional market and the web3 with a single action.

How It Works

Virtual and Real Together

PubGame will connect companies and users on PubVerse in a viral ecosystem, through an engaged and united community that will share immersive experiences in: Disputes, explorations, festivals, events among other available modalities. This connection will provide gains and rewards in and out of this new reality.

Real Life Utility

Assets that are rewarded, or sold, now have REAL utility with partners and many companies

Fun and Gameplay

Immersive and continuous Gameplay and Storytelling,


Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Cocktail shaker´s Sale
  • Internal Auditing
  • Launch of the NFT´s Founder and Puber´s Collection
  • Boxes Pre-Sales
  • Development of PubGame´s Native Token´s Smart Contract
  • Disclosure of Contract hash and Native Token´s name
  • Staking Founder´s Collection with Native Token
  • Alpha version v.1

Q4 2022

Q1 2023

Q2 2024

Inside Community
Ricardo Sargo

Ricardo Sargo


CEO (Founder)

Robson Teixeira

Robson Teixeira


Formal Partner

Abdiel Ciprian

Abdiel Ciprian



Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves

Chief Development

and Strategy

Daniela Ravacci

Daniela Ravacci

Chief Public Relations

and Business

Marcelo Azevedo

Marcelo Azevedo

Chief Financial and


Oswaldo Prates

Oswaldo Prates



Bruno Rocha

Bruno Rocha

Social media


Bruno Tavares

Bruno Tavares

Social Media


Gabriel Oliveira

Gabriel Oliveira



Marcos Carvalho

Marcos Carvalho




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